The pinnacle of the Drakensberg experience. Long mountain passes, awe inspiring views of the Cathedr...
Central Drakensberg - 3 day cave loop
3 Days
This 3 day hike takes us to Giant’s Castle game reserve, which is full of history and well worth a...
Giant’s Castle Circuit Hike
3 Days
Because Mafadi is the highest peak in South Africa, this is a very popular hike, but it certainly do...
Hike to Mafadi Peak (Highest Peak in South Africa)
4 Days
Injasuti,” the well feed dog” in Zulu, due to the fact that when hunters would enter the remote ...
Mafadi Peak
4 Days
The Sentinal to Cathedral Peak Northern Drakensberg Traverse hike is reported by National Geographic...
Sentinal Peak to Cathedral Peak
6 Days
The Grand Traverse is a world famous hike that traverses the whole of the Drakensberg range from Sen...
The Grand Traverse
14 Days
Start at Sentinel Car Park (2500m). Ease yourself into the Outer Space as we walk below the Witches ...
The Mini Traverse
5 Days