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A family-friendly guide to hiking in the Drakensberg

Chloe & Michael Smulian

Drakensberg Hike

A family and children-friendly guide to hiking the Drakensberg in South Africa. Experience the adventure of a lifetime with the whole family.

Whether you're a traveller or South African local, hiking the Drakensburg Mountains is one of the top activities to experience when you're in the beautiful country of South Africa. Not only does it feature some of the most grandeur landscapes and dramatic rock formations in the world, but it's also known for some of the best hiking and cycling adventures in South Africa. A must-do, once in a lifetime experience if you're a nature lover and outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves. Yes, being in the remote outdoors isn't always the easiest choice when you have a family with young toddlers, but in this travel guide, we're sharing how you can have your cake and eat it! Yes, you can hike the Drakensberg AND share this experience with the whole family. This is the ultimate non-camping and children-friendly guide to hiking the Drakensberg Mountains.

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