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Bushman's Nek to Thomathu Cave and Lammergeier Cave

Drakensberg Hikes

View from Thomathu Cave

Route: Bushman's Nek to Thomathu Cave and Lammergeier Cave
Distance: 35 km (circular route)
Duration: 20 hours (three days)

Day 1 is a severe 4-5 hrs hike (10 kms) This hike follows a well-defined path on the northern flank of the Thomathu Ridge. The cave faces north-east and sleeps up to 12 people. The cave is not very deep though, and strong winds can be a problem.

Day 2 hike to the top to Thomathu pass, then to Goats cave for lunch and then downhill to Lammergeier cave for the 2nd night.

Day 3 hike down towards Cedric's pools and return to the car park.

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