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Cobham to Mzimkulwana Hut and Lakes Cave

Drakensberg Hikes

View from above Lakes Cave

Route: Cobham to Mzimkulwana Hut and Lakes Cave
Distance: 30 km (circular route)
Duration: 14 hours (three days)

Day 1: From Cobham (North is Ndlovini Peak and to the right is Grandma Peak then Emerald Dome)

Cobham Parking Lot –>  Tortise Rocks (2.8km – 225m up) -> Bathplug Cave (4km) -> Mzimkhylwana Hut (8.64km)

From Hut

  • South is Bamboo Mountain (4km)
  • West is Little Bamboo Mountain (4.5km)
  • River below hut is Mzimkhulwana River
  • River above hut is Siphongweni River
  • North / North South is eSiphongweni Peak which has Mpongweni Shelters and Siphongweni Cave (2.6km)
  • North / North West The Pimple Mountain (1.3km)
  • Behind The Pimple is Amakehla Pass (11km)

Day 2

Mzimkhylwana Hut -> Hike till level with The Pimple, then cross river up hill to Siphongweni Cave (3.5km – 350m up) -> Whale Back (5.4km) -> Titty (6.6km) -> The Policeman (7.6km) -> Lakes Cave (9.3km)

From Cave

  • East is Camel Rock (850m)
  • North West is Amakehla Pass (3.5 km) / Left is Minaret Pass (North view)
  • Peaks North (NNE) is Hodgsons Peak South and North
  • 3rd peak to the right is Sani Peak
  • Left of Minaret Pass is The Block, Sandleni Pinnacle, No Mans Peak, Verkyker Buttress and Peak and Rhino Peak
  • SW below is Weavers Cave (1.89km)

Day 3

Lakes Cave -> Nutcracker Cave (2.3km) -> C53 Shelter (4.8km) -> Monster Rocks (6.1km) -> Boundary Rock (7.7km) -> Cobham (12km)

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