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Fairways Circular Hike - Mushroom Rock

The Leisurely Hiker

Fairways Circular Hike

This occasional hiker enjoys walks of up to ten kilometres with a total elevation gain of around fifty meters but being married to a nimble mountain goat, I sometimes choose to adventure in the mountains with him. Some of our hikes together have been quite fun. I will endeavour to share those to encourage other short limbed humans, possibly carrying more weight than the average mountain goat, to persevere in their hiking pursuits.

So, before I share my most recent favourable hike for walkers, here is a little background about what has inspired me share a walker’s perspective on hiking.

My beloved mountain man views me favorably, through his rose-tinted spectacles (as he should) and will always suggest we hike saying, ‘I know you can do it’. My danger sensor lights up instantly! Given countless prior experiences of setting out on a 5 km to 6 km hike to discover that it was definitely 6 km to the end destination and at minimum 8kms back out again!!!

I therefore pledge to share the easy hikes with you, and when there are tough sections I will tell you. Everything steep is hard for me, inclines, and declines both. And yet I endure because I love time in nature, getting away from things and the exhilaration of a view from an eyrie I was not sure I would reach.

Recommended Hike – Fairways Resort Walk – Mushroom Rock

A hike which I can recommend is the circular route at Fairways Resort in the Garden Castle Reserve beyond Underberg in KZN.

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Looping behind the big dam below the Golf Club House, we began a gentle ascent which was steep for a short section and led us to summit onto the escarpment quite easily. The view was immediately rewarding and at the top we found a lovely expanse of flat areas to explore. Route markers were easy to follow and photo opportunities numerous. The best of these being Mushroom Rock itself.

We spotted a beautiful Eland at the top, standing as though on guard across a grassy plain.

There are little waterfalls which appeared reasonably accessible for the more agile that may be enjoyed during the summer season.

The vistas looking back over Fairways and beyond were especially beautiful.

This is a hike I will return to do again and as I travel more and reminisce; I will share the tracks I have most enjoyed. The ones which I found to be suitable for curvy humans like me, for the regular walkers who tramp around neighborhoods or local forests for 30 minutes to an hour, three or four times a week to guiltlessly enjoy a hearty meal, a glass of wine and the occasional hike.

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