Vision, Mission and Values

The Mission of the Drakensberg Boys Choir School is:

To prepare boys for life and leadership
through excellence
in music, academics, sport and social enrichment
in a Christian environment.

Our Core Values

  • We will respect all staff and pupils of the school.
  • We will strive to consistently display integrity by being honest, fair and reliable.
  • We will strive to deliver excellence in academics, music and all other activities of the school.
  • We will excel through hard work, discipline and teamwork.
  • We will respect and care for the environment.
  • Christian values will form the basis of everything that we undertake.

Core Beliefs of Our Staff

  • We will value and respect each pupil and encourage them to perform to their best ability.
  • We will strive to meet the needs of all pupils by encouraging them to excel in every aspect of their careers at DBCS.
  • We will prepare students for life beyond DBCS.
  • We will collaborate with one another respectfully and professionally.
  • We will cooperate with parents who are important stakeholders in the school to maximise the potential of every boy.
  • We will strive towards an active partnership between the school and the community.