Bulwer Mountain Shelter #1

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bulwer mountain shelter 1

Bulwer Mountain Shelter #2 is outside the Maloti-Drakensberg Park and is located in Bulwer.

Interpretation by Celeste Rossouw: An eland is depicted here apparently ‘entering’ a curtain of natural mineral deposits on the parent rock. San rock paintings sometimes used natural features in this way with people and animals entering or coming out of a crack, hole, mineral deposit or any other physical feature on the cave wall. It can be explained as a way of illustrating how shamans or animals entered or came from the spirit world where they could receive power to make rain, heal the sick or control game animals.

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Location (Degrees)
29°48'00.6"S 29°45'15.3"E
Location (Decimal)
-29.800167, 29.754250
Type of Hike