Grindstone Cave

grindstone caveThis series of caves are a 2 hour walk from the Injisuthi camp. There are 5 caves in a row below the the sandstone cliffs stretching for about 1 kilometre. Only 2 of the caves are painted but other than one excellent painting of an eland the paintings are very worn and indistinct. The first 2 caves are not painted and can be slept in. They also have water.

The second cave in the row has a grindstone, a relic of the past. It does not appear to be of Nguni origin as it is round with a square hole in the center so was probably made by early Voortrekkers.

Location (Degrees)
29°07'52.0"S 29°25'16.4"E
Location (Decimal)
-29.131117, 29.421219
Max Number in Cave
Type of Hike
Bushman Paintings, Caves
Bushman Painting Name