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Nice walk, poor trail signs
We have been there in late February. Walking to the cave is a moderate exercise. As almost always, cave does not mean a cave in terms of you go underground or into a mountain. If cave is used in conjunction with paintings its almost always an overhang of some sort. Also, even on the sunniest of days you should be prepared for a sudden thunderstorm or spell of rain. You are in a mountain region. Everything apart from that is poor preparation.

Take note! More of an overhang
Worth noting it's more of an overhang than a cave and doesn't give much shelter in bad weather. We found out the hard way after a long hike in poor weather. Muddy floor and in the open without shelter. There is a good river nearby though. Some animal had crapped everywhere under the one small rock we crawled under and it had to do till morning. Disappointing place to stay.