Bushman's Nek Hut

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bushmans nek hutThe hut accommodates up to 30 people and is situated just off the main route of the Giant's Cup Trail, slightly above the South African border post and overlooking the Bushman's River and views of the far southern drakensberg.Thaba Ngwangwe and Tomathu Peak can also be seen up on the escarpment on either side of Ngwangwane Pass.

It is only visible from the trail for a short while and because it has a thatch roof and natural stone walls it can be easily missed, especially in poor weather conditions. The doors have combination locks to discourage non-paying squatters, so you will need to get the number from the office at one of the trail entry / exit points.

There are five spacious rooms, each equipped with three double bunks with thick foam mattresses. These share an outside veranda from which the two rustic bathrooms can be reached. Each bathroom has a basin, toilet and shower.

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