Bushman's Cave (via Slab Cave) Hike

3838This is a moderate hike of 9.6km to Bushmans Cave. You can either return the same day, overnight in the Cave or make this day 1 of a multi day hike in the Bushman's Nek area.

The views in the valley along the way are stunning and once just above the Cave the southern escarpment views towards Rhino and Hodgson's peaks await you.

Location (Degrees)
29°48'30.2"S 29°08'03.3"E
Location (Decimal)
-29.808400, 29.134250
Max Number in Cave
Type of Hike
Day Hike, Overnight
Hike Grade
Hike Distance (Km's to destination)
Total Hike Distance (Km's)
Hike Duration (to destination)
Hike Duration (return)
Total Hike Duration (Hrs)

The route starting at the Bushman's Nek Office where you fill in the mountain register passes the South African border post. You then cross the stream twice and turn right (if you go straight you are heading towards Tarn Cave and would cross the stream a third time) thus walking with Bushmans River on your right. To your right on the other side of the river you will see Bushman's Nek Hut as you walk along a slightly upward path.

Over the next 5km's you will cross the Bushman's river 3 times and then reach Slab/Halfway Cave. A good spot for a lunch break.

The gradient gets steeper from here as you wind your way up the valley to Bushmans Cave about 4.5km from Slab/Halfway Cave. The top of Ngwangwane Pass (Bushman's Pass) is only 930m from the cave. A few meters above the cave are excellent views along the southern escarpment towards Rhino and Hodgson's peaks.


GPX track map

Elevation (altitude) diagram of the track

Track length and Trackpoint information

Information Calculated value
Overall distance (metric) 9.6 km
Overall distance (imperial) 6 miles

Elevation / altitude data (metric)

Information Calculated value
Altitude range (highest-lowest point) 519 m
Minimum altitude (lowest point) 1755 m
Maximum altitude (highest point) 2274 m
Uphill (addition of positive altitude changes) 527 m
Downhill (addition of negative altitude changes) 20 m

Elevation / altitude data (imperial)

Information Calculated value
Altitude range (highest-lowest point) 1703 ft
Minimum altitude (lowest point) 5758 ft
Maximum altitude (highest point) 7461 ft
Uphill (addition of positive altitude changes) 1729 ft
Downhill (addition of negative altitude changes) 66 ft