Lammergeier Pass Hike (incl Goats Cave)

SAM 1769From Bushman's Nek camp is a very strenuous 10.6 km hike. A Map and knowledge of the area is necessary as no path exists in parts. The total elevation gain is 859 meters, no part of the hike is downhill.

At the top of the pass you will see Goats cave on your right.

Location (Degrees)
29°49'51.5"S 29°07'50.5"E
Location (Decimal)
-29.830967, 29.130683
Max Number in Cave
Type of Hike
Day Hike, Overnight
Hike Grade
Hike Distance (Km's to destination)
Total Hike Distance (Km's)
Hike Duration (to destination)
Hike Duration (return)
Total Hike Duration (Hrs)

The route starting at the Bushman's Nek Office where you fill in the mountain register passes the South African border post. You then cross the stream three times (a turn to the right after the second stream takes you towards Bushman's Cave.)

You follow the path with the Ngwangwane River on your right. At 4 km's you cross the river and turn to your right, after 500m walking towards the river (on your right) you will find Cedric's Pool. The pool is a couple meters below the path level, walk down the path to the pool.

After Cedric's Pool follow the path for 500m to the right staying close to the Ngwangwane River on your right. You cross the river and walk up a small hill which then opens up into a new valley, at this point you follow the path heading North West. Walk 2km along the valley passing Vast Cave (about 1.2km's to your right) and then just past Mystery Shelter where you cross a stream.

Head up the steep gully after crossing the stream (thus cross the stream and turn right), this is steep and no path will be seen just after starting up the gully. You are 7.6km into the hike at the stream, only 2km's to go, all uphill.

Walk about 500m uphill and then up a second hill for another 300m and you will be on a flat section (North West is your general direction). A large pool of water (usually full of water) will be ahead on the left. Walk past the water staying on the right of it and up into the valley ahead of you (slightly to your right). Walk up the hill taking you into the valley as it narrows and about 400m further along a path shows again and you are now only 200m from Lammergeier Cave which is on your left.

Continue up the hill, you will see Goats Cave at the top, only 1.1km's and 220m elevation to go. This section is very steep, the views and a welcome rest await you at the top of Lammergeier Pass.




GPX track map

Elevation (altitude) diagram of the track

Track length and Trackpoint information

Information Calculated value
Overall distance (metric) 10.6 km
Overall distance (imperial) 6.6 miles

Elevation / altitude data (metric)

Information Calculated value
Altitude range (highest-lowest point) 851 m
Minimum altitude (lowest point) 1755 m
Maximum altitude (highest point) 2606 m
Uphill (addition of positive altitude changes) 859 m
Downhill (addition of negative altitude changes) 22 m

Elevation / altitude data (imperial)

Information Calculated value
Altitude range (highest-lowest point) 2792 ft
Minimum altitude (lowest point) 5758 ft
Maximum altitude (highest point) 8550 ft
Uphill (addition of positive altitude changes) 2818 ft
Downhill (addition of negative altitude changes) 72 ft