Maliba Circular Route

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5356The Maliba Circular Route is a 13km hike (8miles), starting at Maliba Lodge at 2030m, following the Upper Route to Black Pool, then climbing steadily up to 2626m above sea level. Thereafter you come down the fairly steep valley to the ventilation shaft, and then circle back to the lodge through gate #8 and the river pool route. This hike is strenuous.

As you leave the veranda you follow the path along the Upper Trail. Once you have reached Black Pool you continue along the cleared path up the mountain past the Three Cascades. You follow the path up the valley until you summit at the crossroads. There is a main traveler’s path running up the next valley which meets this path and continues east to some remote villages.

The views up here are awesome. A good place to stop for lunch. You can hike up the peak on your left, it is about 600m and peaks at 2815m above sea level.

The circular route then continues southeast down the valley. Be careful of loose gravel. On reaching the bottom of the valley you will find a ventilation shaft on your right. Just past this there is a gravel road you follow across the river to gate #8 which is near a large sign showing the direction of the lodge next to the road.

Passing through gate #8 you cross the river again and follow the clear path to the River Pool and River Chalets. From here it is a short walk back to the lodge along the riverside.

Location (Degrees)
28°54'52.4"S 28°26'13.8"E
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-28.914547, 28.437158
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