Van Heyningen's Pass to View Point Hike

Van Heyningens PassThis is one of the Berg's most popular day hikes – for good reason. It's not too taxing, and it takes you through a big forest with yellowwood trees, and there are moss-covered rocks and tree trunks everywhere.

You only realise how high you've climbed once you emerge from the forest. From the lookout you can see Cathkin Peak, Monk's Cowl and Ship's Prow to the right and the Greater Injisuthi Buttress, the Red Wall and the Triplets to the left.

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Day Hike
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Between chalets 3 and 4 in Injisuthi Camp you'll see a rock marked Van Heyningen's Pass. It points you towards the Delumhlwazini River and over a wooden bridge. Follow the path next to the stream and 500 m further you cut through the corner of a pine and bluegum plantation.

Just 80 m beyond the plantation the path swings to the right and climbs 15 m up a hill (be careful here: if you carry on straight, you'll end at the Old Hut.) Turn right at the T-junction to Van Heyningen's Pass, as the sign says. After a few hundred metres you'll enter a forest with streams. At the top of the pass, you'll find two lookouts.

Take the same route back.