Minimum Impact – Leave No Trace environmental principals by hikers

The "Minimum Impact - Leave No Trace" environmental principals by hikers applicable to the Maloti-Drakensberg Park.

Plan ahead & prepare

  • Know the rules and regulations of the Park.
  • Prepare for extreme weather and emergencies in terms of clothing, equipment and food.
  • Plan your route and use a hiking map, a compass or GPS to assist you.
  • Hike in groups of between 4 and 8, but no more than 12 in the wilderness area.
  • Complete the mountain rescue register correctly and in detail.
  • Be aware of the security risk on the escarpment or in Lesotho and do not leave your equipment unattended.

Travel & camp on durable surfaces

  • Walk on existing trails and camp on durable surfaces such as rock, gravel or dry grass.
  • Camp 100m or 5 minutes walk from the trail and water.
  • Good campsites are found and not made.

Dispose of waste properly

  • If you packed it in, then please pack it out!
  • Bury solid human waste, hygiene products and toilet paper at least 15cm deep.
  • Wash and defecate 100 m or 5 minutes walk away from water, campsites, caves, and trails.
  • Use biodegradable toilet paper and washing products.

 Leave what you find

  • Take only pictures, leave only your footprints!
  • Protect and preserve our cultural heritage.
  • No camping is allowed in caves containing rock art or artifacts.
  • Leave plants and other natural objects as you found them. DO NOT deface rocks with graffiti.
  • DO NOT build cairns or other structures.

Minimise camp fire impacts

  • Fires are not allowed in the Park except in designated camping sites.
  • Fires and the collection of firewood devastate the environment.
  • Use lightweight camping sloves for cooking and gas or candle lanterns for light.

Respect wildlife

  • Respect the environment around you.
  • Do not disturb or feed animals.

Be considerate of other visitors

  • Respect and protect the quality of other people's wilderness experience.
  • Avoid loud voices and noises such as radios.