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Reviews (5)

Champagne Castle
Welcome to the great outdoors!!
A 10/10 hike through the Champagne valley executed with professionalism and perfection by our guide Geoff from Into The Berg.
At the end of the 4-day hike I wished we could start the trail again and do it on repeat!
This is the trip you have been looking for in the Drakensberg!

Mnweni 3 day hike
We did Mnweni circuit with Geoff of Drakenscapes. We had an awesome experience. Geoff is knowledgeable, calm and patient. We felt like old friends reunited. I’m looking forward to another berg adventure with Drakenscapes, they made it fun and worthwhile.

Bannerman’s Hut
Great trip. So nice not to have to worry about food and gathering water! Might be a nice idea to create a group WhatsApp leading up to the hike and encourage people to share their Instagram handles so that there’s a bit of rapport beforehand, and to share pics in afterwards. Very impressed with Geoff’s knowledge of the Berg and it’s history and battles.

Life changing adventure
What an amazing well organised hike! The guides, Geoff and Wayne were phenomenal! They were very knowledgeable, supportive, and patient. I would definitely hike with them again.

Into The Berg
The experience was amazing! The way we were prepared for the hike to guidance on it was exceptional. Geoff and Wayne are absolutely amazing!